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How To Overcome Nervousness

While Presenting In Only 4 Weeks!

Using Our Tried and Tested 12-Step System

 We Aim to Increase Your Confidence to

Deliver Your Message To

Make and Impact In Your Next


Here’s What You Will Discover:

Presentation Before Training

Presentation After 2 days Training

You will be coached to speak confidently and learn to:

  • Create a Interesting and Attractive Presentation
  • Connect with Your Audience Better
  • Manage Your Physical Presence with Power Imaging
  • Use Latest Trend of Visual Aids with Impact
  • Develop Your Presentation Systematically
  • Practice Your Delivery with Coaching Feedback
  • Deliver Business Presentations
  • Handle Questions & Answers Effectively
  • Respond to Emotional Questions
  • Defuse Sensitive Situations.
  • Manage and Influence to Get a Buy in.
  • To Build Your Confidence to Speak Up And Stand Out
  • And Lots More.

What is ProActive Training System?

  1. Personalized Training – We seek to understand our learners  and their learning  development needs through a hands-on practical approach and analysis. We are then able to help set appropriate targets, learning pathways  and customize the delivery system to keep pace with the learning.
  2. Supportive and Motivational Training Methodology  – The training will be conducted in a supportive encouraging environment where its safe to make mistakes and learn from ongoing guidance of our instructors, your child will be able to achieve this goal.
  3. Small Encouraging Steps Approach – The programme is delivered Tenet (Learning Steps) by Tenet in small increments with exercises after each step to ensure competency. The course content facilitates smooth progress for the learners to master and move on.
  4. Mock and Real Practice Session – Learners will  develop the confidence to speak to skills drills as well as actual real practice sessions with live audience. This repeated practices will  increase their comfort level in presenting and managing audiences.
  5. Video Recording for Easy View-Back Session  – All presentations done will be recorded on video for analysis by the learner after getting live feedback. This will also become a record of progress and gives confidence to the learner who can see their own progress.

What to Expect in Our Fun Learning Sessions

Our Programme Materials

This Programme is Suitable for

  • Those who need to enhance their presentation skills for work.
  • Those who need to  Present to Customers, Management or to the Public
  • Those who  attend meeting and  need to Present Ideas, Make and Impact and Influence the Audience.  
  • Those who want to take up the challenge to be an effective presenter

If You Would Like to Experience a More Confident Way of Presenting Ideas

Contact Us For A Free Consultancy On How    We Can Help You Make A Difference In Your Speaking Proficiency.

As a Gift We Are Giving You A Chance To Sample A Chapter Of Our Book : The Tao Of Talking; The Speaker’s Tenets Towards Charisma

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What Do Participants Say

About ProActive Training Sdn Bhd

ProActive Training Sdn Bhd is the brainchild of the Managing Director and Master Trainer Fabian Fidelis, which derived from its humble beginnings as Pro-Active Learning back in 2001. The organization has blossomed to provide affordable yet effective and high quality soft-skills workshops for a variety of audiences ranging from Students to Corporate Professionals.

ProActive Training Sdn Bhd Core Training Areas:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Team Alignment  (Fully Indoor / Outdoor Adventure Team-building)
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Sales Communication
  • Leadership Camps for Adults and Students
  • Hospitality Mastery Consultancy
  • Enhancing Problem Solving, Analytical and Creative Thinking Skills
  • Train The Trainer Programme
  • Personality Profile (MBTI)
  •  ProActive Training Sdn Bhd also is home to several other programmes conducted by a host of Associate Expert Trainers.


ProActive Training’s Master Trainer, Fabian Fidelis has won several speaking contest and has reached  the international level competitions. He has been an active Toastmaster for 19 years and has mentored hundreds of speakers and trainers as well as trained over 50000 participants and students throughout his career.

Where We Are:

ProActive Training Sdn Bhd​

​No. 55 Jalan BRP 1/13,

Bukit Rahman Putra,

47000 Sungai Buloh,

Shah Alam, Selangor​


Tel: +603 61512262

Mob: +6012 6560662

If You Would Like to Experience a More Confident Way of Presenting Ideas

 Contact Us For A Free Consultancy On How We Can Help You Make A Difference in Your Speaking Skills Today!

*Appointment is required. Terms and conditions apply.

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