Problem Solving / Creative Thinking

When Neurons Fire, Sparks Of Genius Transpire!


This Creative Problem Solving and Analytical Thinking workshop is designed to provide executives and managers a theoretical foundation and practical application for understanding how to embrace the power of knowing themselves and thus applying it to solving problems in a creative way. The skills can be used to guide their companies as well as themselves in a positive forward motion. Through the introduction the personality understanding and 6 key creativity tools, participants will learn the skills vital to becoming effective and efficient in to today’s changing corporate environment.

Eureka! Creative Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking Skills

2 days (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Target Audience:
Senior Managers
Those Interested Explore Their Creativity

Core Focus:
How Your Brain Works
The Power Of Schema
Your Creative Personality
Understanding The Problem Solving Concepts
Mind Charting Techniques
6 Creative Problem Solving Tools