Sales Communications

Assert Well, Sales Excel!


This 2-day workshop is to inculcate into each participant through interactive learning, games, role-playing and experiential management games the importance of interpersonal sales interaction. Throughout the sessions, participants will learn the core aspects of what how to be more assertive by understand self and others better through understanding personality and what makes a successful sales communicator. This workshop seeks to inspire participants to gain new confidence in sales communication and be effective in influencing through persuasive argument and skillful negotiation to affect a positive outcome. At the end of the workshop, participants shall hold in their hands specific skills, concepts and experiences that can propel you toward greater professionalism and profits.

SalesPeak! Power Up Your Assertive Sales Communication

2 days (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Target Audience:
Sales Professional

Core Focus
The Psychology of Selling
Understanding Buyer Personality
Managing Buyers Expectations
Building Rapport
Eye Accessing Cues
Assertive Grooming and Image Building
Power Sales Posturing