Soo Hoo Yoon Hunn


Soo Hoo Yoon Hunn advocates organizations to empower their workforce with an entrepreneur mindset because all decisions made impacts the business results.
He is a trainer who is passionate, energetic and enthusiastic in uncovering the seed of potential that lie within a person. He is a true believer of people potential; and because of this belief he decided to take on the Learning and Development industry rather than continue his work as a lawyer.
Soo Hoo Yoon Hunn started at an early age with a high flying career in banking sales servicing high net worth individuals who shared their experiences with him and mentored him in the business and life skills which they gained in their successful lives. He has learnt from the best of the best. He achieved financial happiness and success and was constantly sought out to share his journey with other

enterprising youths. His areas of expertise are in business building and revenue generation, sales and marketing as well as financing and capital funding.
As an MWS Licensed Trainer, Soo Hoo brings with him a wide repertoire of industry experience to make the learning fun, exciting and relevant.


“You are energetic and passionate trainer. The energy is encouraging.
Zamzuri Abd Malik, Training Manager, Malaysian Aids Council

“I find you to be a passionate trainer with a message which with stimulate the mind and your heart”
Fabian Fidelis, MWS Master Trainer

I like how you get your audience to participate and engages them with your body language and gesture
Destry Teoh, Training Manager, Chartis