Soaring High, Making Teams Fly!


No man or woman is an island. The power of synergistic cooperation can only be harnessed through effective and efficient teamwork. Thus, training the members of the team is core to the success of any company in this new age of rapid change. These residential programmes seeks to induce into each member how team works in harmony with one another, thus increasing the level of performance and service produced is nothing short of true professionalism and energy to move the organization forward!

The Adventure Experience target to inculcate into each participant (through interactive learning, games, role-playing and experiential fun indoor and outdoor adventure activities) the importance of working as a professional team. Throughout the sessions, participants will learn the core aspects of what makes a team successful, contributing to the profitability of their company. At the end of the workshop, participants will hold in their hands specific skills, concepts and experiences that can propel their team and company toward greater professionalism and as a result, greater profitability.

MasterTeams! High Performance Team Synergy

3 days 2 nights (Friday 5.00pm – Sunday 3.00 pm)

Target Audience:
Groups With Team working Issues

Core Focus:
Team Forming
Being Aware and Sensitive To Group Members
Understanding The Mental
Accommodating Each Other
Team Storming
Assertive Consultation
Seek A Win-WIn Situation
Leadership Drive
Team Norming
Team Results
Team Before Self
Team Performing
Challenge and Achievement
Celebrate The Victory

Locations and Key Activities

Indoor Teambuilding – 100% Indoor – Indoor Teambuilding
Venue:City Hotels / Function Room
Key Activities:
Indoor Fun Learning Activities

Resort Teambuilding – 80% Indoor 20% Outdoor
Venue:Any Resort Hotel
Key Activity :
Amazing race
Indoor Fun Learning Activities

Light Adventure Teambuilding – 50% Indoor 50% Outdoor
Venue: Cope Adventure – Hulu Langat, Selangor
Key Activities:
Rumble In The Jungle
Look Out Point
Obstacle Course
Amazing Race
Indoor Fun Learning Activities

Theme Park Teambuilding Adventure – 30% Indoor – 70% Outdoor Excursion Teambuilding
Venue: Lost World Of Tambun, Ipoh
Key Outdoor Activities: Cave Function Room Interventions
Outdoor Camping By Clear Water Lake
6th Mile Tunnel Caving Adventure
Night Barbecue and Campfire
Night Lazer Tag Counter Strike Live War Games
Breakfast With Tigers
Gua Datok Cave Exploration
Wet and Dry Theme Park Fun
Night Cave Dining
Park Amazing Race

Urban Adventure Teambuilding- 30% Indoor 70% Outdoor
Venue: Eagle Ranch Resort Seremban
Key Outdoor Activities: Night Jungle Walk
Adventure Obstacles
Sea Rafting
Paint Ball Challenge
Indoor Fun Learning Activities

High Adventure Teambuilding – 20% Indoor 80% Outdoor
Venue: Endau Rompin – Lanjut, Pahang
Key Outdoor Activities: Jungle Track to Makhota Waterfalls
Survival Skills
Lake Rafting
Midnight Blind Obstacle Course
Bonfire Performance
Beach Activities
Indoor Fun Learning Activities

Hard Core Adventure Teambuilding – 10% Indoor 90% Outdoor
Country View Recreational Park – Jeram Besu, Pahang –
Key Activities: Cave Exploration
White Water Rafting
Rapids Jumping
4 x 4 Off Road Driving To Lata Berambun Waterfalls
Obstacle Course
Indoor Fun Learning Activities