Train the Trainer

Trainers Are Not Born Excellent, They are MADE Excellent!


Training is a skill that is acquired and dynamic in nature. It can be nurtured, sharpened and consistently polished to ensure positive results are achieved with each training workshop. Developing and conducting training can be mastered by efficient use of the skills learnt in this workshop.

TrainToPeak! Train-the-Trainer’s Journey To Excellence is a 2 part programme consisting of the SMART TRAINING SKILLS and THE HIGH-TOUCH APPROACH. The programme is designed to teach training skills. “Training” as defined in the first part of our programme is the development and delivery of information that people will use in performing their jobs. This programme will guide participants to have fun training and to make their training effective and lively. Techniques taught in the course have instant results and will contribute to creating well-rounded trainer ready to meet the challenges of the future.
defficient in to today’s increasingly diverse and sophisticated customers.

TRAINTOPEAK! Train-the-Trainer’s Journey To Excellence

3 days (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Target Audience:
Managers who need to train
In-House or Professional Trainers

Core Focus:
Welcome Introductions and Rapport Building
Adult Training Principals and Analysing Training Requirements
Instructional Design – Develop and Conduct Training
Instructional Design – Develop and Using Training Aids
Basic Facilitation Skills
Crisis Management – Handling Problem Situations
Final Touches Of A Successful Trainer
Planning and Delivering Your Training Session
Industrial Design Coaching
Content Delivery Coaching